Meet Our Clients

May 5th, 2019: “Resilient One’s”

Our clients can be described as resilient.

Many of them experience unexpected setbacks such as a stroke or an accident which can completely change their lives. Some end up being wheel chair bound or limited in their physical abilities. After hospitalization, they recuperate in a nursing home until we come along to connect with them. We get to discover their needs, preferences, and goals in moving out of the nursing home into a “new home” where they feel they can gain back some independence.

Most people don’t know that our clients can’t move home after being in the nursing home due to their physical limitations. We typically move them to assisted living, group homes, and some are able to live in subsidized housing. When we come into the picture, we begin performing housing searches based on their needs and bring them on housing tours to ensure its somewhere they can see themselves thriving.

Each client we help has differing needs, some clients want to be close to family while others want to live at a place with activities. We had one client, Joe, who really wanted to live at an assisted living facility in the Brainerd area. At the top of his priority list was the facility was close to a mall, and the facility had good social activities. We were pleased to find a place he really liked and see the joy on his face as we moved him in!

Our team loves what we do, and while we’re no Chip and Joanna Gaines, we do help clients find homes that suit their needs and put smiles on their faces!