Field Experts

We partner with Facility Social Workers & County Case Managers to relocate clients in full term nursing facilities or eligible TCU’s.

*Clients on Ucare, Medica, clients who have an insurance provider that has in house relocation, or who have had relocation previously are not eligible for our nursing home relocation & transitional services.

Case Managers

We work with Case Managers, not in place of them. We do the grunt work of doing housing searches for the client while the Case Manager directs us and we check-in with progress updates. This allows the case manager to do in-house work for the client.

Social Workers

We work with social workers in discharge planning for clients. Once the county has deemed the client eligible, we begin the relocation process on behalf of your facility.

Send us a Referral!

Send an email requesting a referral and we will send you our referral form to begin the process.