Our Team



CEO & President

I am Chris Larkey the CEO & President of Superior-HHS. I spent the greater part of my career serving in skilled nursing facilities and received a Master Degree in the industry. We are proud to be family owned and we ensure our staff of specialists are qualified, caring, and highly skilled to provide exceptional services. Witnessing clients get another chance at a fresh start in the community is humbling and truly worthwhile!



Office Manager

I am Christine Shawa the Office manager at Superior-HHS. I spent the earlier part of my career working in the social services industry, most recently at Lutheran Social Services. I serve on the senior leadership team at my church, and spearhead, lead, and administrate several initiatives and departments. I am passionate to see people valued, and love the work we do at Superior. We get a chance to be part of our client’s story and I love leading a team that gets to help our clients begin a fresh start with life!



Marketing Manager

I am Adriana McKenzie. I am the Marketing Manager at Superior-HHS, and I communicate the services we offer through building a creative marketing strategy. I spent several years in the service industry, and came from Target Corporation which placed high value on quality service and ‘wowing’ clients. I understand the impact outstanding services have on clients & I love showcasing that we deeply value, engage & empower people!