About Superior Health & Human Services

Superior Health & Human Services is a locally owned relocation agency in MN, and has been family operated since its founding in 2012. President and CEO Christensia Larkey, her husband and Vice President Donald Larkey and their experienced and dedicated staff are committed to providing the highest quality of service to each individual we serve!

Our Relocation agency believes the individuals supported should have a voice in the course of their own services and choose from a variety of options to live their lives to the highest quality.

Vision Statement:
We are a faith based organization that values people, and we are committed to restoring hope by empowering those on medical assistance have a safe transition into independent living within their communities.

Mission Statement:
We are a bridge in the process in helping clients home; by listening and building relationships, we connect them with the support, tools, resources, expertise and knowledge they need for a successful transition into the community.

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